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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions – よくある質問

What is ToXiv?

ToXiv (pronounced /ˈtoːkaɪv/, Tōkīv) is an e-print service operated by the Department of Academic Writing Education at Nagoya University (also known as the Nagoya University Writing Center, or Mei-Writing), in conjunction with the Gifu University English Center. ToXiv hosts preprints of scholarly papers, working papers, reviews, and dissertation abstracts. Graduate students, researchers, faculty, or other affiliates of the Tokai Higher Education and Research System (THERS) and its member universities, Gifu University and Nagoya University, can archive their work on ToXiv.

Work hosted on ToXiv is freely available to readers. All copyrights are the property of the authors. The work hosted on ToXiv may also be published elsewhere, in journals, other repositories, etc.

What fields of research do ToXiv papers represent?

ToXiv hosts research or other scholarly work in any field at THERS, Gifu University, or Nagoya University. This includes the sciences, social sciences, humanities, or professions.

What type of papers may be submitted?

ToXiv hosts scholarly articles, as well as working papers that are likely to result in publishable articles. In addition, it hosts reviews of scholarly or artistic work, as well as abstracts or summaries of recently completed PhD dissertations from Gifu University or Nagoya University doctoral candidates.

Submissions must be the authors’ original work. All co-authors must agree to place their work in the ToXiv archive. Authors must ensure that submissions do not infringe anyone else’s copyright or other intellectual property rights, and that works do not include plagiarized content. Authors grant ToXiv license to post and distribute their work, and must have the right to grant such license.

When will my paper appear?

At the moment, ToXiv is still being set up.

In general, we will strive to moderate submission as quickly as possible. If there are no issues, papers may appear about one week after submission. If there are issues, authors may need to resubmit.

Who operates ToXiv?

ToXiv is hosted by the Department of Academic Writing Education at Nagoya University (Mei-Writing). Operations are maintained by Mei-Writing, with the Gifu University English Center and faculty, researchers, staff, and students of Nagoya University, Gifu University, and Tokai Higher Education and Research System.

Are papers on ToXiv peer reviewed?
What is “moderation”?

ToXiv does not review papers. Papers hosted on ToXiv are moderated. The moderation process checks papers to ensure that they are scholarly contributions of the type that would be subject to peer review in a conventional journal. Moderation is not, however, peer review. ToXiv does not evaluate the scientific content of papers, and does not offer feedback to authors.

In general, moderators expect submissions to be of scholarly interest to the fields of study in which they are situated. Typically undergraduate papers, course papers, research proposals, news, or other writing that is not of a scholarly nature will be rejected. Articles should be original and significant; multiple articles by the same author on the same topic might therefore be rejected.

Do I have to give up copyright? Can I publish my paper elsewhere?

Authors maintain copyright of their papers. Authors grant ToXiv perpetual, non-exclusive license to distribute the article. This means that ToXiv can distribute the article to readers, but the authors retain all other rights.

Although most publishers will accept papers as long as the authors have not assigned copyright, you should check with any journals where you hope to submit your paper to make sure they do not object.

Authors must ensure that they hold the copyright to their work, so they can allow ToXiv to distribute it. In general, an author owns copyright to their own work, as long as they have not granted copyright to another publisher. If your paper is already published in a journal, you may have granted copyright to the journal. Please check with the journal publisher in such cases. If your work has been published in a journal already, or if you have submitted it for publication, it may be more appropriate to place your work in an institutional repository. Please see the following:

How do I contact ToXiv?

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